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How It Works

Searching for an executor

You describe the task—we select a lawyer experienced in resolving your issue. If there is no such specialist in our database, we are looking for one within the given time frame

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Advance payment and

You make an advance payment to our bank account or card.

We conclude a service level agreement (SLA) with you. The document specifies measurable parameters of the service quality.

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Task execution

The format of the work is determined by you.

The lawyer can come to your office or work remotely, perform one-off tasks or resolve your issues from time to time.

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Paying off the lawyer

If the service does not correspond to the SLA, we replace the executor or return the money.

The lawyer receives payment only after your confirmation.

Popular Tasks

Our Lawyers


Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Rights Protection


tax, customs, investment law. Building a strategy for protecting business and defending the interests of clients in economic crimes.


Legal support of business,legal assistance in clients’ property rightsprotection, including in the area of intellectual property.


commercial law, corporate law, contract law

Why Us?

A new services format

We split the tasks by the execution time.

One hour is for the tasks with high priority


• Express-Consultation (written)
• Finalization of the contract (validation of the requisites)
• Preparation of contracts for developed templates (eg NDA)
• Analysis and commentary of the contract (up to 10 pages)
• Answers to simple customer support requests
• Making minor amendments to the contract

Twenty-four hours are for the tasks requiring more time


• Expanded written consultation
• Making amendments to the contract
• Making corrections to a bilingual contract
• Answers to complex customer service requests

The deadline for the execution of project tasks is agreed upon separately.


We sign an SLA

You do not pay for poor-quality services—you are protected by the SLA. This agreement is a guarantee that the lawyer will respond on time, won’t break the deadlines or disappear, and will solve the issue, rather than simply offer solutions.

We fix mistakes

We will make sure the SLA works, and not just remains a useless piece of paper. If the service does not comply with the agreement, it’s our problem. We will change the executor and provide the service in its entirety at our own expense.

Money for the result

We control the progress of the task. In disputable situations, we are sorting out what went wrong and how to fix it.

In case we fail to solve your issue, we will refund the money in full.

Darwin Lawyer Principles


Quality is the result. The result of Darwin Lawyers’ partners is notable: they have helped to save money, avoid litigation, etc.


A good lawyer saves a client’s time. We solve 96% of the tasks within a day.


The price is determined not by the number of man-hours but is based on the needs of the client and the desired result.

Darwin Lawyer vs Competitors

ParameterDarwin LawyerA full-time lawyerFreelance exchange
Time to find a lawyerfrom one day1–3 monthsup to one month
Recruitment costs0 $500—2000 $0 $
Quality warranties
Risks after the termination of labor relationsno risksvery high riskssmall risks
Online toolsfor an additional feefor an additional fee

How to Use Darwin Lawyer

Trust us to choose

Darwin Lawyer Pro

It’s the best option for you. You don’t have to waste your time on searching, you have online tracking and an archive of documents available

Assistance in the selection of a lawyer

Darwin Lawyer’s certified lawyers

Online access to the task list

Online access to the archive of documents

Set a task

Buy a subscription

Darwin Lawyer Enterprise

Individual service and full legal support of your business. It’s perfect for many current tasks requiring lawyers of different specializations

Assistance in the selection of a lawyer

Darwin Lawyer’s certified lawyers

Online access to the task list

Online access to the archive of documents

A personal client manager

A very brief legal audit

Emergency help

Individual service requirements

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About Darwin Lawyer

We know firsthand how difficult it is to find a competent lawyer, how much time, attention and competence are being taken up by legal issues. It is often a routine. Therefore, we have created a service that helps optimize the routine and bring a creative approach to it. Creativity allows us to see a wider picture, thereby reducing the risks of clients.

Darwin Lawyer is an evolution from a casual freelancer to a reliable executor. We find competent lawyers with various professional training and experience, as well as from different countries.

We like challenging tasks. To have them performed, we find competent lawyers with various professional training and experience, as well as from different countries. We provide them with IT tools. Thus we make the process of communicating with a lawyer comfortable, fast, and adding value to the business.

They Recommend Us


We have been working with platform in two projects, which already speaks for itself. The platform provides quality services for fair money.
Over the course of our partnership, we were encouraged by the founder of the platform desire to qualitatively develop and improve the approaches to providing the services, including the introduction of quality KPIs with the financial incentive connected to achieving them. Of course, there is no limit to perfection — which is what I wish the platform and all its participants!

Ihor Soloviov
CEO & co-founder of Triggmine


During all the time of our cooperation, the platform lawyers have shown themselves to be competent, proficient specialists. In the most unusual situations, they have always provided their qualified assistance. The most valuable thing for our company was that the specialist was ready to help in the shortest possible time, and in the hottest periods for our company. Many thanks to the founder and his team for an excellent work!

Larysa Ikonnykova


As a director of the representative office of “BMUSE GROUP, LLC” we have been cooperating for quite a long time. During this time, I repeatedly had to resort to the help of platform lawyers. Every time, I received qualified and prompt support on a wide variety of issues related to the activities of the enterprise, and an explanation of Ukrainian legislation. The founder has a perfect knowledge of legal and financial instruments, as well as is always in search and the development of the new ones. I count on the prospects of our cooperation in the future!

Yevhen Fomyn


We are a small product company and have been working with the platform for quite a long time. Practically from the very beginning. All issues with contracts, trademarks, and registration of copyrights were solved exclusively by them. We are very satisfied with our cooperation, everything is always done within the promised time frames and for reasonable money. We definitely recommend them!

Anzhelika Romanenko
CEO Tamaranga


We have been working with the platform for a long time. During our cooperation, we were helped to undergo the process of formation, were protected against the raids of dishonest BUYERS and SELLERS, and most importantly—were assisted with development by choosing the right legal solutions! I wish the platform to only move forward and develop in the field of its competence!

Vladyslav Levytskyi
CEO of Vlad+

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